A nice blog to follow, thought I would reblog this nice review. It sounds like a nice book to keep on the list!

books touched by Africa

This story written by the Angolan writer Pepetela reads like a Rise and Decline of the Caposso Business Empire.

But, before I continue with the book itself, let me tell you that the real name of the writer is not Pepetela (the word ‘pepetela’ means eyelash). His birthname is Artur Carlos Maurício Pestana dos Santos. I find it easier to remember his name Pepetela. The man was born in the year 1941 in Angola.  He studied at the University of Lisbon, and did a degree in engineering (just like one of the characters in his book, well, that young man did study to become an engineer but he studied in Luanda) and was in government.

Let me return to the book. This book was a very pleasant surprise to me. I had never read a book by this Eyelash, but I now know I will turn to his other book on my…

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