Prehistory 101 A

Thanks for sharing this, it’s is a very useful resource.
I am reblogging this with pleasure.


Dear fellow poets and bloggers,

How have you been doing? For the last 3 weeks or so I have not been active at all in the blogosphere apart from posting a few poems, primarily because I am trying to launch a YouTube channel to offer my two bits on literature, anthropology, history and politics. Unfortunately YouTube’s partnership program is not available in my country, so coming up with a sustainable design is turning out to be more difficult than I have imagined.

Anyways, one of the first episodes I plan to upload on the channel would be an overview of the prehistoric era in the Indian Subcontinent. The following text is more or less the first draft of the first episode of that series. As the final draft will be in a storyboard format, I have decided to share the first draft instead. However let me stick a little note…

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