‘I Remember My Name’ Wins at Palestine Book Awards


The Middle East Monitor announced the winner of the 2016 Palestine Book Awards, chosen from a shortlist of seven:

86863ff5-a00e-4069-b47b-1b68e726a24a-3089-00000dda831a6422_tmpThe winner, announced Friday in London, was the poetry collection I Remember My Name, which includes the work of poets Jehan Bseiso, Samah Sabawi, and Ramzy Baroud.

The eclectic award, which launched in 2012, judges several genres of Palestine- or Palestinian-focused, English-language works against one another. This year, there was a short-story collection, a poetry collection, a book of interviews, two academic works, an anthology of essays, and a work of journalism. It was poetry that triumphed.

The award was created to recognize “the best authored works on the subject of Palestine.”

Among the poems in the collection is Bseiso’s “Letter to Ghassan Kanafani on the 66th Anniversary of the Nakba.” From the poem:

I was nine when I first realized I shared my birthday with someone else. On the 9th…

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