Bells jingle back

Lucia Sallustio

Vi ripropongo oggi una versione inglese di una poesia di qualche anno fa, con l’augurio che sia un Natale più florido e spensierato per tutti.

Bells jingle back

Bells jingle back

behind the watery crying glass.

The air breathes must and onions

reminiscent to the heart of days gone by.

Not so far away is, of the summer,

the long claimed boiling,

evaporated into the mists of dawn

numbing thick thoughts .

Twinkle lights and silver ribbons

in the haunting shop-windows

of more and more desert stores

echoes of better harvest and vanity.

The new Magi parading  in stations

do not bring gifts,

they do not  tend hands,

all shame has now passed

and resentment rises walls and divide.

Empty cots are still in cribs

hearts  arid of hope get angrier

sometimes violence screams in the streets .

Jingle bells, it’s Christmas time.

By Lucia Sallustio (translation of the Italian…

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