Ita->Eng, A poem by Lucia Sallustio

Traveling across the borders of languages, are there any constraints at all?

I think I considered this a little personal challenge but I realised I was just not fit for it: translating a poem from Italian into English. I suppose a good translation is possible if translators are able bring pieces of information from another world into their own world. In this case, I have gone against the pure nature of language, I made a timid attempt, and ended up crossing something that I may call a border.

I must confess I don’t particularly enjoy translating poems, maybe because the verse and the stanza are such intimate places that I feel I am walking across a space I am not allowed to. Also, I am not sure to what extent meanings, signs and sounds can be carried intact from one language to another.

However, there are territories that need to be explored, however challenging this adventure may be.


The days’ swing

In the day’s trample

that we innocently call life

and some beseech it to stop

my emotion is swaying hard.

Frantic work is a soothe

it arms my future with experience

The end-of-day rush

will be a contented descending

Or an awakening nightmare

along with the heart’s swing.



The original poem.

Lucia Sallutio on WordPress.

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