‘Egyptian Writers Folio’: 17 Authors


The recently posted Anomaly 26features work by seventeen Egyptian writers, crafted in English, curated by Hazem Fahmy:

In his introduction to the folio, Fahmy writes:

The idea for this project began with an odd observation. Despite the prominence of Egyptian literature, art and cinema within the Arab cultural landscape, Egyptians are drastically underrepresented abroad, despite being all over the place. For instance, after Lebanese-Americans, Egyptian Americans form the second largest national identity within the Arab-American community. And yet, Egyptians are scant to be found in Anglophone Arab literature and art. Of course, it is nothing short of a delight for me to witness my Lebanese and Palestinian siblings thriving, but as an Egyptian I itched to create a space for the empowerment of Egyptian and Egypt-centric writing.

Certainly there are well-loved Anglophone Egyptian writers, from the cult-classic Waguih Ghali to the acclaimed Ahdaf Soueif to debut novelists like Yasmine…

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