“Without Gorky”, a documentary

Not too long ago I have heard somebody saying that digging into the private lives of artists is never a good idea: you end up not liking them. Artists are  sensitive people that express themselves through art, mostly and in multiple different ways, but many of them hide a whole world behind their works and, in some instances, they are not particularly keen to share it with their audience. They suffer, cherish, live their life, go through the brightness and darkness, sometimes they loose their mind.
I’ll republish this documentary on Arshile Gorky (1904-1948), an Armenian-American painter who fled the Armenian Genocide in 1915 as a young boy, survived through economical difficulties in Russia and moved to USA where he started a process of self-identity redefinition. He even changed his given name into the one he became known with, in fact he was born Vostanik Manoog Adoyan, but he preferred to make up the story of his blood ties with a Russian writer, Maxim Gorky. He became well known for his experimental art connecting America and Europe, his reinterpretation of the pastoral theme or the classical Arcadia theme and the observation of nature, thus drawing a new line into the history of art. Through this video, the memories and the stories of his extended family members, we get to know more about his obsessions, struggles and nonacceptance of a physical illness. Gorky killed himself in 1948 at age 44.

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2 responses to ““Without Gorky”, a documentary”

  1. Ho avuto la fortuna di “incontrare” questo film, a Venezia, alla fine della visita della mostra dell’artista: è stato commovente. Ciao Marianna, grazie. Giampaolo


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