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  • Is racism striking back again?

    Is racism striking back again?

    This is something I thought I would share. Any reference to real facts or persons is not purely coincidental. The recent episodes have been pushing it under the spotlight but, in all fairness, it doesn’t seem that racism is spreading out “again” just like a contagious virus. It’s always been there and it has never…

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  • Books and booze

    Books and booze

    Even people whose lives have been made various by learning sometimes find it hard to keep a fast hold on their habitual views of life, on their faith in the Invisible – nay, on the sense that their past joys and sorrows are a real experience, when they are suddenly transported to a new land,…

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  • Reading Chinua Achebe’s novels from a linguistics perspective

    Reading Chinua Achebe’s novels from a linguistics perspective

    Foreword I am a reader. Being a reader, especially an avid and a passionate one, influences your life experience and your approach to things in general. I have created this blog primarily to collect personal reflections, thoughts and notes on my readings. From my point of view, a blog is a resourceful platform which may be used to open up a dialogue…

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  • Translature supports protest against political prisoners’ detention in Angola

    Translature is an experiment and was conceived as a literary blog. However, studying and exploring literature inevitably implies sneaking through multiple disciplines and forms of art and expressions that are intertwined. Among many other things, literature and politics often go hand-in-hand, but in some places this legacy can be much more intimate than elsewhere. To start with, the multilingual…

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  • Hiroshima 1945-2015

    Hikmet e la bambina che non sopravvisse a Hiroshima Le parole tradotte di Nazim Hikmet scuotono la coscienza umana. La voce che egli lascia parlare nella sua poesia sarebbe oggi quella di una donna di circa 77 anni, che ha ancora bisogno di dire qualcosa. Non mi sono avventurata in nessuna traduzione, non avendo accesso al testo originale…

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  • Lewis Carroll 1865-2015: 150 anni nel Paese delle Meraviglie/ 150 years in Wonderland/150 anos no País das Maravilhas

    «Ma io non voglio andare fra i matti», osservò Alice. «Non hai altra scelta», disse il Gatto «Qui siamo tutti matti. Io sono matto. Tu sei matta.» «E come lo sai che sono matta?» disse Alice. «Devi esserlo per forza,» disse il Gatto: «altrimenti non saresti venuta qui.» “But I don’t want to go among…

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