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  • My 2020 in Books

    My 2020 in Books

    I am stealing this meme from the blog 476Books, who spotted it from others. I only publish meme once in a while, possibly once a year, but I enjoy reading them more than writing them and I fancy to get inspired by some of the titles I come across. I was surprised by how unexpectedly […]

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  • On Memory: An Evening with Palestinian Writers

    On Memory: An Evening with Palestinian Writers

    London, October 29th– The Arab British Centre hosted an event on Memory with four displaced Palestinian artists. During a brief presentation, I learnt that the ABC is a registered charity which promotes Arabic culture, language and knowledge in the UK and aims to enhance relationships of respect, support and collaboration. In fact, it is one of […]

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  • Murakami wins 2017 Noble Prize

    Murakami wins 2017 Noble Prize

    When I opened my laptop this morning I rushed to click on a “New Post” on WordPress because the Nobel Prize winner 2017 was to be announced at some point during the day. From time to time I think I should possibly start writing shorter posts and more frequent ones in order to keep a […]

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  • Voices from the far East: “Little Aunt Crane” by Geling Yan

    Voices from the far East: “Little Aunt Crane” by Geling Yan

    Little Aunt Crane is a novel written by the award-winning Chinese novelist and screenwriter Geling Yan, published in 2008 and its first English translation came out in 2015 by Esther Tyldesley.  I didn’t know the author before reading this book but this is not the first novel she wrote and I read that some of her […]

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  • A literary journey through Macedonia

    I asked myself to name at least one Macedonian writer that I knew and my mind went blank. I am reblogging this interesting post which is a good point to start from and discover more about literary Macedonia. Much more can be found on Map World Literature , worth visiting.  Christina E. Kramer provides plenty of reasons […]

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  • Reading Chinua Achebe’s novels from a linguistics perspective

    Reading Chinua Achebe’s novels from a linguistics perspective

    Foreword I am a reader. Being a reader, especially an avid and a passionate one, influences your life experience and your approach to things in general. I have created this blog primarily to collect personal reflections, thoughts and notes on my readings. From my point of view, a blog is a resourceful platform which may be used to open up a dialogue […]

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