Selected: 10 Arabic Short Stories by Women, in Translation, Online


We can all agree that the “must-read” qualifier is a bit overused. I don’t know if you must read these stories, but you’ll enjoy them:

By artist Helen Zughaib, in an exhibition “Arab Spring/Unfinished Journeys: Humanizing Politics Through Art.” A detail image of her piece Generations Lost, 2014. Photographer: Stephanie Mitchell.

Three short-story collections by women made my “best of” for 2018: Pearls on a Branch, The Sea Cloak, and Withered Flowers. Unfortunately, none of the stories from Withered Flowers are available online (although I will see if I can beg, borrow, or buy rights somehow), there are a number of other stories to be enjoyed.

Here is a handful of pearls, stitched to a branch:

1. “Pearls on a Branch,” from the collection of folktales Pearls on a Branch, ed. Najlaa Khoury, tr. Inea Bushnaq. (Lebanon)

This gorgeous, subversive, beautifully translated collection — subtitled “Tales from the…

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