My 2020 in Books

I am stealing this meme from the blog 476Books, who spotted it from others. I only publish meme once in a while, possibly once a year, but I enjoy reading them more than writing them and I fancy to get inspired by some of the titles I come across.

I was surprised by how unexpectedly appropriate some titles turned out to be, perfectly fitting into a sentence. I am setting myself a goal to publish at least a couple of those book reviews and add links. Goodreads helped me selecting the best fits and ensure I read those books within this year. I might have spared this for the very end of the year, but there it goes:

In high school I was The Sand Child (Ben Jelloun Tahar).

People might be surprised by The Sound of the things falling (Juan Gabriel Vàsquez).

I will never be The Shadow King (Maaza Mengiste).

My life in (full) lockdown was like Kim Jiyoung, born 1982 (Jo Nam-joo).

My fantasy job is Harraga (Boualem Sansal).

At the end of a long day I need Me and Him (Alberto Moravia).

I hate This Mournable Body (Tsitsi Dangarembga).

Wish I had The Day Before Happyness (Erri de Luca).

My family reunions are The Presence of the Absence (Mahmoud Darwish).

At a party you’d find me with A stranger’s pose (Emmanuel Iduma).

I’ve never been to Istanbul (Orhan Panuk).

A happy day includes The Challenge (Leonardo Sciascia) and The Songlines (Bruce Chatwin).

Motto I live by On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous (Ocean Vuong).

On my bucket list is Girl, Woman, Other (Bernardine Evaristo).

In my next life, I want to have (the) Paradise (Tony Morrison).

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